To gain UX (user experience), the best way is start by training using our courses. This way you can bring more skills into your business and improve your work duration, horizons and quality.

Improving your usability and accessibility is an ever going process. This process is rooted into your organization’s departments of content creation and web development hence they show their own importance. Rise Strategy ensures that you get top quality user experience which is leading in the industry along with other topics for usability improvement.

Our courses provide training and exercises in many areas e.g. Foundation of UX,  Prototyping with Axure RP Pro which makes it practical. Along these course topics, you get to discuss in groups and improve by learning from people with lots of experience in the topic.

Our trainers are very experienced across a wide range of sections and deliver the most satisfying and professional lessons all over the world.

Why train with Rise Strategy?

Learn from leading practitioners

All our trainers base their knowledge on experience, meaning they can give you down to earth and practical advice.

Discounts for multiple delegates

We like to think many heads are better than one. We offer discounts and you can save a lot of money on great deals.

Networking with your peers

These training programs open up doors for many other people in your field to make a social circle in which you can discuss with them the similar interests you share.

Special Offer

10% off any of our training courses. Email at to find out more.

Our training courses

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Naureen is an excellent trainer in usability and improving the overall user experience of a website, and very personable. I would not hesitate to recommend Naureen as a trainer when it comes to helping a business to improve its site navigation, and in conducting research in this area.

Richard Reyes

Web Designer, Argos

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