You cannot judge a book by its cover, if something looks good, it doesn’t mean it is fit for use. For instinctive, captivating and practical experiences we use a process called iterative user-centered design (UCD).

Our UCD methods prove to be utilizable for the information and the site architectures which are best suited for the users’ purpose.

Information architecture (IA)

You wouldn’t want your users to be completely lost in the jumbled site without having a direction to the content they are searching for. IA defines the content and aids your users to reach there with ease.

What does it involve?

We help your users to find what they want or expect by creating a well-organized IA for your website.

  • First we get hold of the content that is already there and focus on what the business requires.
  • We conduct stakeholder strategy workshops, user interviews with end users
  • We create user journeys and user flows.
  • We present you with an IA diagrams.

Having an appealing interface of the website makes the path clear for the user and saves an enormous amount of time.

Interactive prototyping

Just a blank visualization of interaction on the paper is not enough. If your blueprints are ready for the site design or make-up, interactive prototyping is a likely tool to be used.

How do we do it?

By using the most efficient tools such as Axure, we process fully interactive start up from wireframes or Photoshop which can be tested and tried out by the users.

  • A clickable HTML prototype of your website or digital product is created
  • The use and restrictions of the prototype are documented.
  • Stakeholder and user feedback shape subsequent iterations.
  • We produce wireframe documents (similar to building blueprints)

The interactive prototyping is the best possible ground between low precision prototypes and concluding execution.

Interface design

First impression is the last impression, whether it is working hard for the appreciation of your boss or establishing a user friendly experience on a site.

How can we help?

The user interface is the first thing user will be experiencing after he or she will come into contact with your website or product.

  • Engaging design procedure and workshops with users and key stakeholders will make certain that every user requirements are strongly considered.
  • We help you decide the most efficient design which includes sizing, spacing and content of your user interaction with your site.
  • We generate understandable blueprints or wireframes which present content in the best way.

The brand fortification is automatically achieved if the user interface is less frustrating and is user friendly.

Other services we provide:

  • Wireframing
  • Site maps
  • Participatory design workshops
  • Card sorting
  • Style guides
  • User experience specifications

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